Limerick City Council Street Cleaning Contract award 2010

Limerick City Council Street Cleaning Contract award 2010

Limerick City Council has awarded the contract for provision of Street Cleaning Services in the North-West Environs to Holden Plant Rentals. The Contract commences in March 2010 and runs until 2012. Holden had already been carrying out the service on a provisinal basis since the extension of the Borough Boundary. The Contract includes detailed area coverage of Estates, Minor Roads and Carriageways. Equipment to be used will include Road Sweepers and deployment of Crash-Cushion vehicles on Carriageways.

Use of GPS Tracking in all Equipment used will enable Limerick City Council to monitor in real time the performance and record route history.

The award of the Contract fits comfortably with other current Contracts in the Mid West Region including, Limerick County Council, Galway City Council, Galway County Council, Roadstone-Wood, Irish Cement and Tipperary County Council.
Equipment used will have Limerick City Council Livery attached.

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