Holden Plant Rentals acquires assets and contracts following Manvik collapse

Holden Plant Rentals acquires assets and contracts following Manvik collapse

Following the multi-million euro collapse of Refuse Truck supply maintenance and rental Company Manvik Limited, Holden Plant Rentals has purchased the assets including vehicles, plant, workshop equipment and parts stock from liquidators KPMG. Manvik had owned and operated over 300 vehicles consisting of the entire Refuse Truck fleet operated by Dublin City Council and Fingal County Council along with substantial fleet and equipment with other local authorities and Waste Management Companies throughout Ireland and the UK. Holden Plant Rentals has also taken over the existing supply contracts having successfully negotiated and finalized the multi-million euro purchase.

This acquisition will fit comfortably within the Holden Plant Rental business as we are already major suppliers to most of the customers affected both in Ireland and the UK which will facilitate a smooth transition, the additional business generated will also require us to increase our workforce.

Holden Plant Rentals has grown to be the largest operator and supplier in Ireland of specialist equipment to both Local Authorities and the Waste Management industry.

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